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Laser Projections

Mountains and Buildings.


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3D Projection Mapping, also known as 3D Video Mapping, is a display technology that transforms objects into projection surfaces. Through a combination of custom generated 3D content and extremely bright video projectors, we are able to transform buildings, cars, products and sculptures into magnificent video displays.

A laser show consists of one or more lasers, often synchonised to music and operated by a laser technician. The light emitted from these laser projectors creates beams, tunnels, waves and other shapes which appear to “hang” in mid-air. In conjunction with haze from smoke machines, this effect is captivating.

Laser Projection South Africa

With our outdoor laser projection technology, we are able to project logos and messages on mountains and buildings, visible from kilometers away. Our laser projectors are hundreds of times brighter than the brightest video projectors in the world.