Projection Mapping for Priyanka – Science (ft. Kapital K) Music Video

We were called to assist with the projection mapping element for music video starring the talented Priyanka and festuring Capital K. This exciting project involved producing content which we would then project on to Priyanka herself in studio. The content consisted of henna-inspired pixels that enveloped her in projected light. The result was outstanding and the video mapping contrasted wonderfully with her white attire, specially selected for the projection mapping shoot. A Christie Lx-700 7000 lumen projector was used in conjunction with a small Resolume Arena 7 media server.

To optimise for the projected image, we moved the projector closer and further based on the angle of the shot.

We had lots of fun with the infinite curve studio, and projected visuals on to the back of this to feature Kapital K.

You can find out more about Priyanka and support her here: Priyanka

Music Video below: