From Cape Town take the N2 and enter this pin into Google Maps, turning right at the “Malgas/Infanta” sign:

– Once you are on the dirt road, enter this new pin: which is a left turn after about 40 mins on the dust road.

  As you turn left, you will see an obvious sliding gate in the middle of the road (sometimes it’s left open). If it’s closed call Fabian on 076 707 7474 and he will open remotely (in an emergency you can call Cathy – 083 797 1900)

Google Maps does not work past this point. In summary, you want to stay on the “main/biggest” dust road all the way for about 20 mins (road gets progressively worse but any car will make it with some perseverance). 

From the sliding gate you will pass: Two cattle grids, drop into valley via hairpin bend, drive along the valley, over cattle grid, keep right up the steep hill out of valley, sharp left after cattle gate, and along the windy road. We are “approximately” the 9/10th right turnoff – look out for two brick pillars (no signage). Take the 2nd right down a steep cement slope (continue dead straight onto our lawn, do not turn left). 

The actual GPS pin of the house is here, but DON’T try to use it for directions as it will take you to the wrong side of the river:
You can open Google Maps in “sattelite mode” as the roads are not listed on maps, but are visible from sattelite.