INFO: The house is on a big river. Bring if you like: Lilos, board games, puzzles, yoga mat, a book, swimming stuff (not white), sun stuff, sketch / art supplies, frisbee, ball games, jumping castle.

BEDDING: Pillow case, bedsheet (NB!), towels, duvet cover / sleeping bag. 

ELECTRICITY AND SIGNAL: We have normal 220v electricity. For signal: MTN – walk up the hill 10 mins. Vodacom is best – we get it intermittently at the house if you stand on the porch.

COSTS: The house is owned by a shared trust and each person contributes R50 per night. This covers gas, water, elec, wood, rates, flood insurance, maintenance etc.

CLEANING: We pay for a cleaning service. The shared cost is R300 for the house. 

WATER: We collect rainwater and have been drinking it for decades. Some people prefer to bring their own.

FOOD: We usually make a schedule and take turns to do a meal. There is a 4 plate gas stove, and a gas oven (bad for roasting, frying is better). We have a fridge. There is a weber (bring own charcoal), a wood braai on wheels or a pit fire (wood is available). In terms of condiments – think cabin – you need to bring everything except for crockery and cutlery. There is no shop near the house. 

RUBBISH: We have to take all rubbish back home with us. Therefore, we split into compost (bury), paper (burn), glass (ideally in a box) and general trash. Please keep the system going and offer to take stuff back.

DEPARTURE: Its nice to leave the house together and help pack away, so that all the work doesn’t get left for a few. If you have to head early, please let me know in advance so we can plan. 

WINTER: The valley gets cold in winter. Bring all the warm clothes you can – rock the beanie your gran knitted for you. Your shoes will get dirty – nothing white.

CREEPY CRAWLIES: We are in the middle of the Rhenosterveld, amidst some of the last remaining Breede River milkwoods. You are likely to see a few spiders, bugs, etc. If you have a phobia.. well I don’t really have a solution! Snakes do exist here, but they stay far away. That being said, use common sense – tread with caution when walking in nature.