Mountain and Building Projections

Mountain and Building Projections

A common problem in modern advertising is that your message get lost among the thousands of billboards, posters, TV commercials and flyers. With our technology, you can beam your logos and messages on mountains and buildings, visible from kilometers away. Our laser projectors are hundreds of times brighter than the brightest video projectors in the world. This incredible brightness enables us to light up mountains and buildings with highly visible displays that no other technology in the world is capable of doing. We can project your logo, sponsor’s logos, customised scrolling text, animations, tweets from Twitter, SMS’es, periodically updated announcements and just about anything else you can think of. These displays are great for advertising and brand activations. Also a great way to draw attention to events, hotels and other attractions.

Laser Mapping is possible, where the outlines of buildings or other objects are lit up much like 3D Video Projection Mapping, only brighter and much more affordable.

Laser Projection South Africa
Laser Logo Projection Hologram
Mountain Laser Logo Projection
Laser Building Projection

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