3D Laser Holograms

Our Floating Logo Holograms are a seemingly impossible effect – your custom logo or message floating above the audience. We use a specialised hologram screen which appears almost invisible, but allows images to show up bright and clear on its surface. Typically used in conjunction with a laser beam show, we project a graphic from the rear and with the use of atmospheric haze, we can “beam” up the graphic into thin air which appears to float, suspended in the room. These are much brighter than conventional video holograms due to the laser technology we employ.


Holographic Video Displays

Incredible visual illusions

Our high powered 3D projection system manipulates objects and surfaces in incredible ways. Scale is virtually unlimited – we can do anything from large buildings down to award shows, stages, small products and single walls.  We are able to customise the hologram display to include client logos, text and messages – any just about anything that one can translate into video.