Laser Shows

Laser Light Shows

A laser light show consists of one or more lasers, often synchonised to music and operated by a laser technician. The light emitted from these laser projectors creates dazzling beams, tunnels, waves and other shapes which appear to “hang” in mid-air. In conjunction with haze from smoke machines, this effect is captivating. For corporate, weddings and private functions, a beautiful full-colour laser show is pre-programmed to music approved by the client, which is played back as a stunning entertainment act that fills the venue with unbelievable colours and light. For music festivals, lasers are controlled to the music live by a trained technician.  Lasers can accompany any musical performance, as well as dancers wearing our laser gloves. Our laser equipment is also available for for film and commercials and site installations and artworks.

We are able to beam logos and messages on to mountains during our laser shows. View mountain and building projections to find out more.

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Laser Light Show Cape Town
Laser Light Show Johannesburg
Laser Display Dancer
Laser Display Cape Town

Laser Show Videos

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