Laser Light Shows

Dazzling beams,  tunnels,  waves and walls of light

Our laser lights create a dazzling display of colorful tunnels, waves and patterns which appear to float in mid-air above the audience to create a totally immersive 3D experience. The display is synchonized to music for a memorable entertainment act.

Laser Projections

Light up buildings and mountains with your logo

Our Laser Projections are many times brighter than the brightest video projectors in the world. This incredible brightness enables us to light up mountains and massive buildings with highly visible displays that no other technology is capable of doing. Laser Projections are portable, bright and cost-effective. Images and graphics are displayed as laser outlines which allows us to project over extremely long distances – the result being highly effective to capture attention. These displays are great for advertising and brand activations. Also a great way to draw attention to events, hotels and other attractions. You can see more pictures in our photo gallery or get in touch to find out more.

LED Dance Performance

A striking and energetic light show entertainment piece

Take our laser light shows to the next level with a choreographed laser dance performance. The audio can be customised based on your needs, and the choreography be created based on this. 

Architectural Laser Mapping

Brilliantly illumianted building architecture

Buildings can be outlined in animated laser light, known as “Laser Mapping”. This lines can move, change color and be synchonised to music to create a show. Often used in conjunction with Laser Projection. This is an easy way to add excitement and beautification to a building’s facade. This is often used as an alternative for projects that do not have the budgets for Projection Mapping, but still want an attention-grabbing display.

Creative: Films, Commercials, Art Installations

Laser light is an incredibly exciting medium to work with as an artist

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, we are here to help with ideas and possibilities that fall outside the box. We have worked on many interesting light installations over the years and are passionate about being creative, while still delivering a professional and reliable service.


If you have any references that you want to send our way to have a look at, please do so. Otherwise, feel free to browse past creative works for ideas and inspiration.

Laser Gloves
Laser Beams shooting from the hands of performers
We are able to offer laser gloves to any dance crew’s performance to elevate production and entertainment value tenfold. We offer these gloves either on a dry hire basis, or as part of an existing laser show performance. The gloves are fully rechargeable. A hidden on/off switch is concealed directly under the thumb, which allows a performer to turn the gloves on and off without needing to remove them. Smoke is a requirement for the gloves to be at full effect – we do supply smoke machines if you require.

Special Effects

Incredible laser stage effects

Our laser effects can accompany any performer. We have provided stage effects for singers, dancers, choirs, lecturers, presentations and DJ’s to name a few. We work closely with various dance crews, entertainers and acrobats around the country to bring you jaw-dropping choreographed laser performances. All performances are personalised for our clients, and we work with various dance crews depending on the location and specifics of the event.

Laser Ring Act

Skilled acrobats defy gravity in a tunnel of light

The laser ring act is performed by two highly skilled acrobats. It features a ring which slowly rotates in a circular motion. The performers hang from the ring and proceed with a stunning routine choreographed with music.